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I  love the collaborative process where in the right environment the sum is greater than the parts. To work with a great team really enhances the creativity of each individual – that is an awesome experience.

Key Strengths and Qualifications
  • Experience in the interactive entertainment industry creating 2D, UI, and 3D art and animations for games on PC, console, handheld, and arcade platforms
  • Extensive work on environments, UI, and characters; including look, personality, gameplay dynamics, and animations
  • Significant contributions to game design, including overall game concepts, UI, and specific areas of gameplay
  • Experience acting as liaison between groups (such between Artists and Engineering, or Japanese and American art teams) to facilitate communications
  • Experience with a large variety of software packages including: Flash, Maya, PhotoShop, SoftImage, 3D Studio Max, Painter, and others. Experience with PC, Apple/ MacIntosh, and SGI platforms
  • Coordinated Artist Interviewing and hiring during staff ramp up filling 12 positions


Fierce Wombat
Contract Flash & 3D Art - December 2011 - January 2012


Freelance Flash Artwork - 2010 - 2011

Invoicing/online billing 2008 - 2009


(Founding member)
Senior Game Artist& UI Design 2003 - 2008


Senior Game Artist 1998 – 2003


3D Artist 1997 – 1998

SEGA OF AMERICA (SEGA Technical Institute)

Senior Artist 1990 – 1997


Red November-Fierce Wombat
• 2D Flash animations for use in an iPad game
• Create 2D assets to be animated in Flash
• Match existing art style
• Create assets within a very limited production schedule

Unpublished Title
-Fierce Wombat
• A Dust Tactics-esque "Diesel Punk" war game
• 3D modeling game asset: Medium Panzer Walker and all weapon load out options for highest LOD of 5,500 +/- polygons.
• 3D modeling of the primary load out for Allied Medium Walker, highest LOD of 6,200 polygons.
• Create UV map for 3D models.

Unnamed Sony Project

– Castaway Entertainment
Senior Artist
• Environment & Objects Art including four levels of detail
• Worked with Art Director to create Visual Goal images for final project, and to facilitate communications with the engineering team
• Worked with Art Director to establish color palette and degree of texture map realism

Djinn (Unpublished)
– Castaway Entertainment
Senior Artist/Designer
• Storyboarded and directed concept movie for pitching project
• Coordinated efforts between Design and Concept artist
• Coordinated hiring and interviewing during staff up to 12 Artists
• Managed art team and helped create budget & schedule

Diablo II
– Blizzard North
Senior Artist
• Designed, modeled, and texture-mapped “Unique Magic Items” and other inventory items
• Worked closely with programming and design to create automatic mapping system for the in-game UI
• Solely responsible for building and maintaining extensive database of tile sets for the auto map

Diablo II: Expansion
– Blizzard North
Senior Artist
• Designed, modeled, and texture-mapped class-specific inventory items and general inventory items
• Trained and assisted artists in auto map tile set generation and database management

Unreleased Diablo II Sequel
– Blizzard North
Senior Artist
• Designed, modeled, texture-mapped, and rigged real time 3D enemies
• Designed and executed 3D animating background objects, enemy weapons, and items

Die Hard Arcade
Senior Artist & Lead for American Staff
• Coordinated art staff for and supplied weekly status reports US/ Japanese team
• Identified and coordinated outside art resources
• Designed, modeled, and texture-mapped 23rd century building
• Designed fonts, icons, and background images

Kid Chameleon
Game Artist
• Designed and created artwork for two worlds
• Conceived character design and animations for two incarnations of the main character
• Conceived character design and sprite animations for nine enemies

Dick Tracy
Game Artist
• Worked closely with licensor to design and create artwork for three backgrounds consistent with movie graphic style

NFL Football
Game Artist
• Designed, modeled, textured, lit, and rendered highly-detailed in- and pregame UI screens

The Ooze
Game Artist
Designed and created tile-based artwork for two levels of background art
Designed and created sprite animations for all playfield objects
Designed and created sprite based enemies and animations

Warhawk 2 (Unpublished)
Game Artist
Designed and created polygon-efficient 3D tanks, aircraft, ground target and their texture maps
Created 3D environments and texture maps for three game levels

Sonic Xtreme (Unpublished)
Game Artist
Created polygon-efficient 3D enemies and animations
Created look and texture maps for models and game levels / world rounds


ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts 1982 – 1986
PHOENIX COLLEGE Architectural Illustration & CAD 1988 – 1989


Smithcraft Sign Manufacturing - Phx, AZ 1989